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Friends, I know my website isn’t as focused as it could/should be. It may be an interesting collection of tech, communications, and personal posts, but… that doesn’t make it focused. I am actively working toward a major re-purposing of my site. Stay tuned. And; thank you for your support!



Your messages are your voice. They need to clearly express your products or services. If you’ve ever struggled with your written messages, well, you are not alone.

Your SolutionWriting doesn’t come easily to some people. For many, it can be downright … painful! I teach business writing to students at Seneca College, and they’ve told me repeatedly their biggest challenges include sentence organization, focusing their messages, and brevity. You’re a business person — perhaps a busy solopreneur — and you know your products or services inside and out. But do you find it difficult to powerfully present your ideas to the world?

The kinds of writing I can help you with include:

  • Blogging
  • Web content
  • Ghost Writing and Copywriting
  • Social Media Content
  • Educational and Other Writing

In addition to the College, my clients have included an educational textbook publishing firm, a marketing management team, and a certified Internet Marketer.

Before focusing on writing, I had a successful virtual assistance practice, and prior to that, a web development business. I have also worked in several large corporations, in administrative and communications roles. I would love to share all of my expertise with you, bringing it to bear to tackle your important writing tasks!

I am Rob Neilly, and I would love to hear from you: rob@wordsbydelphian.com.

I've got this!

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Computer Health

Computer Maintenance and Protection

Very recent history… a virulent ‘strain’ of ransomware affected hundreds of thousands of computers – most of those in workplaces – in approximately 150 countries. Time to consider a few techniques for basic computer maintenance and protection? There are vendors and experts who advise extreme caution during any (on-line) computer use; at times such warnings …

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Signal to Noise - 5x5

5 x 5 Client Communication

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