My Muse

I am Rob Neilly, the owner and Chief Content Guru at Words By Delphian. I’d like tell you a little bit about the photograph of ruins you see on this page.

Ruins of the Ancient City of DelphiWhat you see are the ruins of the ancient city of Delphi, in Greece. Inhabited since Mycenaean times, this centre became famous in the 8th century B.C. for the powers of Pythia, a priestess who sat upon a tripod and foretold the future.

The name of my company takes its inspiration from this ancient and important centre, and from the importance of the priestess. I call out to Pythia, as a reminder that one has to connect with people in order to communicate with them … or on their behalf.

A Journey of Words

In the late 1980s, I hit a career impasse: would I continue working as a very junior civil servant, or find a career that matched my emerging skills and passion? I took the path of discovery, and soon found out I needed to be involved in roles that relied more heavily on communications.

After completing broadcasting and communications studies, I spent a year or so delivering technology workshops across Canada. From there, I began my teaching career with Seneca College; a relationship that continues to this day. During my time with Seneca, I’ve had a web development company, a virtual assistance practice (thanks, AssistU, for my training), and now a company where I offer … words.

Working Together

Rob NeillyMy commitment to you starts with listening. I want to hear about your messages. It continues with a promise that I’ll work with you to help make your words effectively reach your audiences. Please see my Services page for a shortlist of the things I can offer to assist you.