Rob Neilly

I'm a contract college teacher (computer software, business writing), a writer specializing in blogging and social media content, and a virtual assistant. Well, those are my career aspects anyway. I'm a spiritual person, an at-times 'gifted' psychic, and someone who likes to get to the soul of the matter.

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Oct 10

Non-Critical Software Upgrades: Yes or No?

Software Update

I usually want the latest software update or upgrade. In this, I must be a typical nerd. Why? Because I get all excited about new tech features and tools! But I don’t always need the latest. In fact, I’m often cynical. Is the “latest and greatest” really those things? Do I need more functionality in software …

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Aug 30

Microsoft Word’s Multilevel List Feature

If you’ve ever been ‘stuck’ or struck with writer’s block — hands frozen at the keyboard — then perhaps instead of fully writing what you need to, you should outline it first. Microsoft Word has more than one way to do this. In the short video below, you’ll see how I begin to use Word’s …

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Aug 22

Keep Notes with Google Keep

Google Keep

After years of going ’round and ’round trying to keep Microsoft Outlook® synchronized between two computers, using a variety of software solutions (none of which worked all the time, or well), I discovered Google Sync, and a later, Google Apps for Business and it’s Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®. Given my previous experiences — …

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Aug 03

From Website to WordPress

I love to write! Just about any social media or marketing expert will tell you that a blog should be part of your overall online plan. It always was for me. Well, sort of. I had a fairly established business blog for years: Delphian Virtual Assistance (DVA). But increasingly, I found it tiring to keep …

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