Business Writing in the North American Market

You feel good about your business communications skills, and are more or less confident about your business writing skills. Are these things enough?

Business Writing Challenges

If any of the following are true for you, then you need to either hone your business writing skills or work with an expert:

  • English is not your first language, or you’re not fully fluent in it.
  • You are not immersed in or familiar with the North American market.
  • Business writing is not one of your writing strengths.
  • Writing isn’t one of your strengths.
  • Your effective writing simply needs some polish.

All of the above challenges can be met and exceeded.

Confidence grows with, among many other things, increasing your vocabulary, more exposure to the market(s) you are interested in, and without a doubt, writing more frequently. Business writing in particular has its own subset of protocols and rules. Contractions like “can’t”, “don’t”, or “haven’t” are only okay in certain circumstances. Being concise counts in most cases. Using proper titles, addressing, and business writing formats – whether in an e-mail, letter, or report – may make a critical difference.

Effective Business Writing

In general,  effective business writing requires at least the following three ingredients:

  1. Being fully familiar with your main message or messages. If this isn’t true for you, your lack of clarity will show in your writing.
  2. Understanding as completely as possible your audience. Demographics are helpful. Psychographics even more so. Beyond those, that you take the time to perform your basic due diligence will go a long way.
  3. Knowing which communications channel to use. Is an e-mail message appropriate? Should you send a letter via postal mail? Would a text work?

The more time you invest in understanding exactly what it is you want to communicate, knowing your audience, and  choosing the right channel or channels, the more likely your message will be read, and understood. And oh yes, backing up your messages with sound social media when and where appropriate can’t hurt.

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