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Data Encryption in Evernote

Your data is your most precious asset! You want to feel comfortable that it’s protected.


If you’ve never used Evernote – a way to keep notes of various kinds (links, text, photos, voice, and more) about anything – you may want to first check out this link before reading further: https://evernote.com. In brief, Evernote is an electronic note-taking software program of great power and versatility. It can be used across all of your devices, and indeed, synchronizes, flawlessly, your information across them.

Data Protection

In order to use Evernote, you’ll have provided login information; that includes a password. All of your data is very safe, insofar as ‘safe’ data on the Internet is concerned. So without the proper login credentials, unauthorized access to your notebooks and notes is … difficult. However, nothing on the Internet – no information – is inviolate or 100% protected. So in relative terms, all Evernote data is highly protected and secure. But perhaps you want another layer of protection? Evernote gives all users one extra layer, and Premium users, an additional one. Any Evernote account holder can encrypt selected text within a note. Premium users can do that, and take go one further step: they can assign a PIN/Passcode to the Evernote app itself on their mobile device (see https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2013/08/09/how-to-enable-passcode-lock-in-evernote/ for more information).

Unprotected Evernote Text

Have a look at the following Evernote screen capture:

Unencrypted Evernote Text

I have clicked one of my notes, and in the preview screen on the right side it shows the content of the note; in this case, it was a copy of an e-mail I’d received from IABC (a communications association I’m a member of). If someone had access to my Evernote account, they could see everything in every note … including this one. But what if I had perhaps planned in part for such a contingency? If I had, I could have selected text – for instance and argument’s sake, the e-mail’s header information – and encrypted it.

Encrypting Evernote Text

Let’s assume I had selected the e-mail header information (Subject, From, etc.). Here’s what I would do to encrypt the selected text:

  1. Click Format on the menu.
  2. Click Encrypt Selected Text.
  3. Type an encryption passphrase.
  4. Clicked OK (or pressed Enter).

What I would then see is the following:

Encrypted Text in Evernote

If there was an unauthorized access of my Evernote account, and if someone was reading through my Notes, in the above note, they would see the lock you see above. On double-clicking it, they would need the passphrase I used to encrypt the information. It’s that easy!

More Data Protection

As mentioned above, Premium users can assign Passcode Protection on their mobile devices. Aside from that, there’s been a lot of chatter on the Net in various forums about adding a feature to Evernote that would allow you to, say, encrypt an entire notebook. It hasn’t happened yet. Until it does, if you need more protection, consider various third-party software applications like BitLocker; a Microsoft product. You would need the right version of Windows to use this, so you may want to investigate something like Symantec Endpoint Encyption instead.




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