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I love to write! Just about any social media or marketing expert will tell you that a blog should be part of your overall online plan. It always was for me. Well, sort of. I had a fairly established business blog for years: Delphian Virtual Assistance (DVA). But increasingly, I found it tiring to keep jumping around between a fairly static website, and my blog, which was located on another platform. As I steadily increased the amount of writing I did — for myself and for my clients — I knew I would sooner or later need to migrate and integrate all of my main content. The move to WordPress will accomplish that nicely!

Speech and words are but two forms of expression: I just happen to appreciate both. And I’ve found ways to keep doing both … ways to put myself out there. Even before stepping into my first college classroom I was involved in both document production and training. I made a living from each at times, back in the 1980s.

This first new blog post from my new WordPress site will hopefully serve two purposes. The first is simply to announce to everyone ‘hey, this is the online home of my new business!’ The second is to encourage you to write. No, I’m not trying to compete with myself! I really mean it. Blogging is one way to express yourself; one way to extend your reach. Posts don’t have to be long, and in fact, they don’t have to have any text whatever. Many bloggers focus solely or almost so on the images they create or find. Photoblogs, such as Zenfolio, are immensely popular these days, and most of those platforms/services are free. Of course, it will always be you who chooses what s/he wants to blog or publish.

For some, the step from private to public is a big one. While most sites give you the option of who can see your posts, you should know that various groups and associations exist to support or encourage you along the way. For example, I belong to several LinkedIn groups.

Consider getting out there and publishing! If you’d like to have a conversation about it, I’m good with that. Drop a line to

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