Keep Notes with Google Keep

Google KeepAfter years of going ’round and ’round trying to keep Microsoft Outlook® synchronized between two computers, using a variety of software solutions (none of which worked all the time, or well), I discovered Google Sync, and a later, Google Apps for Business and it’s Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook®. Given my previous experiences — countless years worth — I held little hope that it would actually work. To my surprise it did; it worked well and continues to. The single item I found lacking was that it couldn’t handle Outlook’s Notes.

Perhaps there are other solutions, ones I haven’t come across yet, but the one I found that neatly does the trick with respect to Notes, as well as synchronizing across all devices and in Outlook, is called Google Keep. Keep is a simple yet powerful note-keeping program. The Android™ app allows for voice commands.

When you need to jot down (or speak) a new note, you simply start typing, or click the mic symbol on the app and start speaking. Notes can be searched, colour-coded, and even typed in lists or with check boxes showing. Your account is linked/mated to a specific e-mail address.

Synchronization seems flawless, and is quick. Perhaps in the future Google Apps Sync will integrate with Outlook’s Notes. In the meantime, this is a great solution for me. For more complicated or fully-featured note-taking programs, you may want to consider Evernote® (software I’ve used for years), or even OneNote®.

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