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May 27

Write a Basic Business Letter that asks a Question

Content is King

Business letters – whether written to apply for a job, or per the title of this post, to ask a question – have certain basic requirements. There are at least three basic items to put on your checklist, each with its own sub-components. Each is noticeable, and each has its own significance. In order of …

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Apr 04

Business Writing in the North American Market

Content is King

You feel good about your business communications skills, and are more or less confident about your business writing skills. Are these things enough? Business Writing Challenges If any of the following are true for you, then you need to either hone your business writing skills or work with an expert: English is not your first language, …

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Apr 20

Writing – Messages


When you are writing, keep in mind your key message or messages.

Mar 23

The Semicolon


And you thought this would be boring! The proper usage of commas and semicolons eludes most; myself included at times. One of my favourite resources for writing, citation, and punctuation rules is The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University. The OWL, as many call it, contains thorough resources for anyone who wants or needs to improve …

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Dec 09

Delivering Bad News

Bad News

Poor service, crossed-communication, awful performance … these, and more, are bad news scenarios. While some prefer hearing bad news straight up, one of the more effective ways to deliver it in written form is by using the indirect approach. This approach doesn’t skirt the negatives; it simply frames them. It’s a given that most people …

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Aug 30

Microsoft Word’s Multilevel List Feature

If you’ve ever been ‘stuck’ or struck with writer’s block — hands frozen at the keyboard — then perhaps instead of fully writing what you need to, you should outline it first. Microsoft Word has more than one way to do this. In the short video below, you’ll see how I begin to use Word’s …

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Aug 03

From Website to WordPress

I love to write! Just about any social media or marketing expert will tell you that a blog should be part of your overall online plan. It always was for me. Well, sort of. I had a fairly established business blog for years: Delphian Virtual Assistance (DVA). But increasingly, I found it tiring to keep …

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Words by Delphian Blog

My Words by Delphian blog posts cover the things I know best: writing, technology, and social media. I encourage you to comment when you can. If you find my posts useful, that’s great. Best of all is if you share my content. I will be both grateful, and inspired! Thank you.