Writing Services

My interest in writing began in my teens and has never stopped. I used to write short stories and submit them to various publications. When I entered into the world of office administration —a key part of my career path for two decades— what I wrote, and how I wrote it, became fashioned by business.

In various jobs encompassing a variety of industries I found myself crafting, polishing, and at times creating all kinds of business correspondence for my respective employers. Often the onus and responsibility for a professional, finished product was mine. As I transitioned into full-time teaching, I found myself with more and divergent writing opportunities. Overall, the business world and world of higher education has allowed me to fulfil many wonderful opportunities to ‘put pen to paper’.

Bright IdeasFor the past several years, while embracing the writing I have to do, I’ve increased the writing I want to do. I learned about the world of blogging, and began my trek into that world several years ago. I became fascinated with social networking and social media, and now writing social media content is one of my specialties here at Words By Delphian.

My move to a WordPress platform is a deliberate one to make myself, and my writing services, more accessible and available to you, and to provide them and me a place to grow from.

Please take a look at the various services I offer, including blogging, Web content, social media content, copywriting, ghost writing, and educational/technical writing.


Blogging Services

Most online marketing strategists will tell you a blog is an essential part of any online marketing plan. We leverage the power of social media on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest by complementing such efforts with blog posts. Need a few good reasons why you should have a blog? Here are what …

Educational/Technical Writing

Writing about technology-based subjects started out as a hobby. In the early 1990s it became a necessity, as I entered the world of higher education. While I had made some money on document production in the 1980s, it was really the College (I still teach there) that gave me plenty of opportunities to write about …

Ghost Writing and Copywriting

Ghost writing can include everything from writing or contributing to novels to creating tweets or other social media posts. One obviously needs to know someone’s voice before s/he can write for that person, and part of that discovery process involves a solid business relationship. The same holds true in many ways for writing successful copy. …

Social Media Content

Recently, much of my writing has been in the form of social media content. Do you wish you had more time to tweet? Have you struggled to keep your Facebook business page current, or to ensure you’re adding valuable ideas to Google+? I can help you with these things. I can even help in terms …

Web Content

I’ve learned over the years — at first by trial and error, mainly through creating my own websites — that writing for the Web involved several key and important differences than most other writing. For example: it is your visitors who control their Web experience. This means they do not have to stay on your …