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Most online marketing strategists will tell you a blog is an essential part of any online marketing plan. We leverage the power of social media on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest by complementing such efforts with blog posts. Need a few good reasons why you should have a blog? Here are what may be the top five, compiled from various sources:Blogging Services

  1. A blog can build trust. Statistics show that many of your potential customers will research you before engaging your services or buying your products.
  2. A blog can increase your reach. Not only does it provide another way for others to reach your ‘hub’ (your website), it also presents a non-committal entry point.
  3. A blog offers dynamic content. Blog content moves with the times, with changes in an industry, and as your messages change.
  4. A blog lets you position yourself as an expert. You are an expert, after all; it’s just that not everyone knows it yet!
  5. A blog introduces new people to you and you to new people. Attractive blog posts can help open doors.

I have blogged for myself and others for several years. For a while, much of my blogging was done for the virtual assistance profession, but recently I have been blogging professionally for some of my clients. Here’s an example: In the Clouds.

You may not have time to blog; I hear that a lot. If not, that’s one of the reasons I’m here, and hopefully, one of the reasons you are here.