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Ghost Writing and Copywriting

Ghost and CopywritingGhost writing can include everything from writing or contributing to novels to creating tweets or other social media posts. One obviously needs to know someone’s voice before s/he can write for that person, and part of that discovery process involves a solid business relationship. The same holds true in many ways for writing successful copy. My teachers are many, but the ones that drove home the pivotal piece about relationships with clients were those at AssistU (the organization I trained with to become a virtual assistant). Almost every aspect of a business relationship can be taught or learned, but without a strong connection and relationship, the foundation just isn’t there.

My first exposure and opportunity to do a little ghost writing actually dovetailed into a copywriting job. A client of a client needed a squeeze page rewritten (a squeeze page is basically an online sales page, or a page leading to a sales page.) The client was in a field that interested me (travel), plus I had actually worked in the industry twice. Armed with his original content, and content my client had already written for him, I was able to craft or rewrite roughly 6,000 words for him. He seemed quite pleased. I was hooked. I find copywriting to be something I really enjoy doing. I’ve recently had copywriting opportunities through a current client, involving both the veterinary and spiritual growth fields. I loved it!

Do you have messages that need to more powerfully organized, formatted, or presented? I can help you with your messages.