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Web Content

Web ContentI’ve learned over the years — at first by trial and error, mainly through creating my own websites — that writing for the Web involved several key and important differences than most other writing. For example: it is your visitors who control their Web experience. This means they do not have to stay on your page(s). After all, more content, perhaps more interesting or compelling content, is but a click away. The rules in writing for the Web fall under, in my opinion, some pioneering work done by Dr. Jakob Neilsen, a usability expert.

Web content can include information on products or services, about pages, biographies, mission and vision, and more. It can also involve social media marketing posts and shares (whether on Facebook, Twitter, or a host of others). One of the great things about the Web is its potential for reach. You have a say in that reach, but certainly not without being active!

Whichever direction you go in, I urge you to think about consulting or hiring an expert of your choosing to assist you with your Web content.